Early Interest

I have grown up with a father that is an artist, turned ad agency creative, turned business owner. From an early age, my dad asked and valued my opinions on the branding of the CPG designs he worked on. The early exposure gave me an insatiable curiosity to understand the way that aesthetics play into consumer behavior. As a marketing major, I want a deeper understanding of how to market in this ever-changing industry. 

Coming in as a freshman, I wanted to forge my own path and only stick to business, however after finding a love for art history and rekindling my fascination with Adobe Creative Suite, I felt that my talents lie in a more creative area of marketing. This was only confirmed following the Miami Ad Week program I completed before classes began. I want to minor in IMS to learn more about design as well as how to harness the tools we have technologically to problem solve in a different way. 

Why Digital & Emerging  Tech

The way that companies advertise now is so different from what I grew up with. The incredible speed of information coupled by the creativity in new ways of advertising has been so interesting to see. I want to learn about new technology so that I can harness these capabilities when I look for solutions as I enter the marketing world after graduation.  

Design Experience

BSAC Rebrand
Designed and launched a website and online application for BSAC
Meet the B-Orgs
Farmer Week
Created logo and brand for Farmer Week 2019
Photoshop Mood Board
Used in proposed marketing campaign for Hollister
Art Market Documentary
Self taught Adobe Premier Pro to create documentary highlighting the Ohio art market
PSE Exec Team Frames
Created frames to announce the PSE executive team on social media
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Farmer Week

Created logo and brand for Farmer Week 2019